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Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Dec 22

YOU have already attended a Co-op Camp session, so you know about the Co-op Camp "Magic". Tell your friends about your experiences and get them to come to camp this year, too. They'll thank you for the great summer experience, and you get to pocket a few dollars!

The more youth you refer, the more $$ YOU get! Tag your friends and mutuals in our socials below to spread the word about Co-op Camp! Refer a friend to Co-op Camp, and if you both attend campp this year, you will receive a $20 gift card. The value of the gift card increases in value with the number of participants you refer to the program! More referrals mean more dollars.

IMPORTANT: To participate, make sure your friend clearly fills in your name on the “Referred by,” line in the 'Your Information' Section of the registration form.

Here is an example of how the Refer a Friend Program works:

Let’s say Macey from Moose Jaw attended a Co-op Camp session last year. This year, she registers for Intermediate camp. She brings a friend to Intermediate, refers another youth to Introductory camp at Last Mountain Lake and refers her younger brother to Junior camp at Candle Lake.

Macey’s friend who is attending Intermediate, the other youth attending Introductory camp and her younger brother attending Junior camp will all put Macey’s full name on the line “Referred by,” in the 'Your Information' section of the registration form.

Macey will then receive 3 referral prizes = One $60 gift card of her choice. Next year, everyone she referred has the opportunity to refer more new participants.


Grad 7

Refer a Friend Program Rules:

  1. The "referrer" must be an SCYP participant who has attended a previous SCYP camp, and is attending a camp this year.
  2. Alumni, parents, sponsors and organizations are not eligible for the referral program (but we thank you for continuing to recommend Co-op Camp to others!).
  3. To qualify for a gift card, referred youth participants must be new to SCYP (i.e. first time participants), and successfully complete an Introductory, Junior, Intermediate, Graduate or Senior Graduate Co-op Camp session in the 2019 season.
  4. Gift card award choices will be up to the youth who has referred the new participant, but must be in keeping with SCYP values, principles and core rules.
  5. Only one gift card type will be awarded per youth regardless of how many successful referrals they make.
    1. Some examples of gift card types could be for coffee shops, bookstores, clothing stores, gas stations, electronic stores, gaming stores and websites among others. If a particular gift card cannot be provided, SCYP will do its best to provide a gift card from a related establishment.
  6. Gift cards will be mailed to the referring SCYP participant a few weeks after the end of the camp season.