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Level UP

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
Feb 10

LevelUp is a life skills and career development seminar for all youth of working age or who are interested in becoming more career ready. LevelUp invites youth to a 3-day seminar where they can co-operatively engage with one another while being introduced to a variety of essential life skills.

Whether it is learning to manage your finances through Money Management, improving your resume and learning how to network in Professional Communications, becoming the ultimate traveler in Travelling 101, or just wanting to learn how to manage your time in Time Management, LevelUp takes all of these topics to the next level through activities and sessions.

While at LevelUp, participants meet new people, get up, have some fun, sit down, have some more fun, all the while learning about life, the universe, and mostly everything else.

Dates for LevelUp

LevelUp in 2018 will be running August 20 - 23rd. Other seminar dates may be announced. Stay tuned!


Registration for LevelUp is through the SCYP Co-op Camp Brochure. Future LevelUp seminar registration links will be posted here as future LevelUp seminars are announced.

Fees to attend LevelUp are $725 ($250 for registrant enrollment + $475 for seminar sponsorship).

Concerning payment follow the instructions on the SCYP registration brochure or get in touch with SCA via phone at 306-343-3583 for different payment options including credit card (in-person or over the phone), cheque or money order.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any inquiries or questions.